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SUNIFIX® is our patented process for the fixation of nitrogen from the air with an outstanding energy efficiency, making the nitrogen usable for further processing at a low cost.

We have invented a unique reactor that creates conditions that simultaneously maximize the production rate and minimize the energy consumed by the reaction. The process is low-capex, it is well suited for being powered by intermittent renewable electricity, also off-grid. This further reduces the cost and makes it highly suitable for production at a moderate scale close to the end-users.

We are developing this technology together with world-leading researchers at four European universities and in collaboration with visionary customers in the agricultural industry.

Local production of nitrogen fertilizers for sustainability and profitability

Through NitroCapt’s revolutionary invention we will not only be able to produce nitrogen fertilizer with zero emissions, but their module factories also enable local production. Subsequently, this means that regions can secure their supply-chain for food production at a lower distribution cost.

A SUNIFIX plant has small needs and a big impact: only one 10 MW unit fixates up to ~8000 tons of elementary nitrogen.