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Sustainable electrification of fertilizer production

is what we do with SUNIFIX®, our cutting-edge, low-emission solution for nitrogen fertilizer. NitroCapt’s SUNIFIX® makes it possible to have sustainable and efficient fertilizer production using only fossil-free energy . The transition to resilient food systems starts here.

Green fertilizer for a sustainable future

NitroCapt is at the forefront of sustainable and cost-efficient nitrogen fertilizer production. Our unique SUNIFIX® process uses only air, water, and renewable energy, for the fixation of nitrogen from the air. This enables us to produce the most sustainable and highest value nitrate-based fertilizer. Our process, SUNIFIX®, achieves a significant reduction in carbon footprint while enhancing the profitability of our customers through a strategic business model.

An award-winning concept

Gustaf Forsberg, CEO, presents NitroCapts innovation at Norrsken Impact Accelerator 2022 

NitroCapt will produce the world’s most environmentally friendly nitrogen fertilizer, through a revolutionary novel patented chemical process.

NitroCapt has invented a novel chemical process, SUNIFIX, for the production of environmentally and economically sustainable nitrogen fertilizer.

The nitrogen fertilizer industry today is fossil-dependent. NitroCapt’s mission is to speed up the transition into sustainable fertilizers, and to make them affordable.

NitroCapt – Awards and recognitions

NitorCapt’s innovation has already received a lot of attention. Winner of Bona Postulata 2023 | County winner SKAPA 2023 | Winner of Startup4climate 2022 | Recognized as one of the 33 hotest Startup Tech Companies in Sweden 2022 | Top 3 in Swedish Food Tech innovation 2021 | Top 10 in Nordic Cleantech open 2021 | Part of McKinsey GBB100.