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Through a revolutionary patented chemical process, NitroCapt will produce the world’s most cost-efficient green nitrogen fertilizer. Through licensing, our customers can reach a clean, local and profitable production of nitrogen fertilizer, reducing their reliance on large, fossil-based manufacturers.

NitroCapt’s production process, SUNIFIX®, is both low-carbon and cost-efficient, with robust patent protection. It serves as the optimal solution to prevent fertilizer crises. Offering localized production and independence from gas or hydrogen, SUNIFIX® is the key to strengthen local food chains and enable the shift away from fossil dependency.

NitroCapt’s technology is set to render all other green processes obsolete, thanks to the laws of physics dictating a theoretical minimum energy consumption of 0.66 kWh/kg N, a groundbreaking improvement compared to the 7.6 kWh/kg N associated with the Haber-Bosch process. Even in its first generation, SUNIFIX® competes with the most advanced technology available for Haber-Bosch in terms of energy efficiency.

In 2022 NitroCapt partnered with the Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmännen.

"It is an exciting collaboration where we see that it is a new technology, new approach and a new way to reach Swedish farmers. And we, as market leaders in fertilizer, see that this is an exciting element that we would like to collaborate with and follow so that it can be of benefit to Swedish farmers."

Article published in Land Lantbruk, October 28, 2022

An award-winning concept

NitroCapt has already received several awards, including being listed as one of the 33 Hotest Tech Startup Companies in Sweden according to NyTeknik in 2022 and 2023, winner of Startup4Climate in 2022, and was Top 3 in Sweden Foodtech innovation in 2021, and top 10 in Nordic Cleantech Open 2021. Furthermore, NitroCapt has participated in several high-profile accelerator programs like Norrsken, UIC, InnoEnergy Highway and Hectar.

Gustaf Forsberg, CEO, at Startup4Climate award ceremony 2022

"This year's winners show impressive potential to accelerate the transition for climate work in the world”

Article published in ATL Lantbrukets Affärstidning Plus, November 28, 2022

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NitroCapt is a private company

NitroCapt is a private company and we are dependent on venture capital to grow. If you are interested to invest in NitroCapt, please contact Björn Lindh.