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Enabling sustainable agriculture to feed a growing population


Decarbonizing plant nutrition


Producing the world’s most environmentally and economically sustainable nitrogen fertilizer through innovative solutions

The background of NitroCapt – An idea to benefit agriculture and reduce emissions

NitroCapt is a climate-tech company creating a sustainable cost-efficient green nitrogen fertilizer with zero emission, using air, water and renewable energy as the only input – a true revolution!

We need fertilizers in order to feed a growing population and nitrogen is the most commonly used plant nutrient. However, the nitrogen fertilizer industry today is fossil-dependent, and the CO2-emissions are at the same levels as the global aviation industry, 500 million tons yeary!

Our process, SUNIFIX®, reduces the carbon footprint by 100%. We have a solution to a quick transition into a decarbonized nitrogen fertilizer industry with a business model that makes our customer more profitable than continuing with fossil-based fertilizers.

It’s about time to change into a sustainable food system!

The story behind NitroCapt

The idea behind NitroCapt came in 2006 when Gustaf Forsberg read about a solution to reduce nitrogen oxide gases (NOx) in cars. 

With a background in physics working with environmental agricultural innovations he realized a cleaner and more efficient way to produce nitrate fertilizers. He couldn’t drop this idea for many years, and in 2016 he contacted the best chemist he knew, Peter Baeling, to get a second opinion and Peter was astonished. Together they took this idea further and created a full chemical process that was highly energy efficient and still with no emissions.

NitroCapt is a sustainable chemical/agricultural technology company headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden.

NitroCapt is on an exciting and accelerating growths trajectory

The company was founded by Gustaf Forsberg, in close collaboration with Peter Baeling, to speed up the transition to sustainable fertilizers
​A first pre-study “Novel Production of Nitric Acid from High Temperature NOx Formation” developed at the KTH, Royal Institute of Technology
​Start of collaboration with Chalmers and Maastricht University to assess the physical potential and create a proof-of-concept for the technology.
​Signed partnership agreement with EIT InnoEnergy to enter its Highway programme, NitroCapt receives financing to develop the company
Proof of concept was achieved, and two patent applications were filled
​First LOI signed with Lantmännen, where they declare their interest to investing in a full-scale SUNIFIX® plant around 2024-25
​Reactor design patent application filed and under review (2020)
​Head of Strategy (Björn Lindh) joins NitroCapt
Patent for the design of the high-pressure plasma process was granted in 2022

In January, NitroCapt received (pre)-seed investment of EUR 2.8 mn from Swedish tech investors SLU Holding, InnoEnergy, Almi Invest GreenTech and LRF Ventures, Norrsken among others to build first pilot plant (EUR 1 mn of the funding are grants)

Onboarding of a team of 5 new engineers and researchers
​Joined Norrsken’s accelerator, a non-profit impact ecosystem
​Start of project to design and build the first production plant supplying 1800 ha of farmland with nitrogen fertilizers in Q3-2023
​Winner of Startup 4 Climate (EUR ~900k), a European innovation competitions

Acknowledged as one of the most promising new techology companies by Swedish magazine Ny Teknik

Energy efficiency progress, from 23.8 to 10.6 MWh/tN – which shows potential for NitroCapt to be 10x more efficient than the Haber Bosch technology


​Chief Operating Officer (Robin Toss) joins NitroCapt.

Nitrocapt was featured as one of top 50 most innovative companies by Norrsken 2023. The list was produced as a response to the recent report compiled by Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Nitrocapt was granted €2,1 M (24 MSEK) in the LIFE Climate Action (L’Instrument Financier pour l’Environnement) by the European Commission

Nitrocapt signed a new lease for 1000 square meter headquarter at Green Innovation Park in Ulltuna, Uppsala. This includes office space, laboratories and production space.