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NitroCapt is a climate-tech company creating a sustainable cost-efficient green nitrogen fertilizer with zero emission with air, water and renewable energy as the only input – a true revolution!

We need fertilizers in order to feed a growing population and nitrogen is the most commonly used plant nutrient.

However, the nitrogen fertilizer industry is today fossil-dependent, and the CO2-emissions are at the same levels as the global aviation industry, 500 Mtons yeary!

Our process, SUNIFIX(R), reduces the carbon footprint by 100%. With a business model that makes our customer more profitable than continuing with fossil-based fertilizers we have a solution to a quick transition into a decarbonized nitrogen fertilizer industry.

It’s about time to change into a sustainable food system!


Enabling sustainable agriculture​ to feed a growing population


Decarbonizing plant nutrition


Producing the world’s most environmentally and economically sustainable nitrogen fertilizer through innovative solutions


  • Passionate to work towards a sustainable world
  • Together towards a strong goal 
  • Dare to explore new ideas
  • Recognizing and respecting eachother’s differences
  • Circus organization: (Team with clear expertise, but everyone helps out for the best of the company)
  • Work with an agile mindset

The story behind NitroCapt

The idea behind NitroCapt came in 2006 when Gustaf Forsberg read about a solution to reduce nitrogen oxide gases (NOx) in cars. With a background in physics working with environmental agricultural innovations he realized a cleaner and more effient way to make nitrate fertilizers. He couldn’t drop this idea for many years, and in 2016 he contacted the best chemist he knew, Peter Baeling, to get a second opinion and Peter was astonished. They together took this idea further and created a full chemical process that was highly energy efficient and still with no emissions.
Gustaf Forsberg and Peter Baeling founded NitroCapt AB with a groundbreaking idea around nitrogen fixation
A World-class research consortium with 4 leading universities was formed and NitroCapt joined the EU-sponsored InnoEnergy Highway incubator program which included 3 years of basic funding
Proof of concept was achieved, and two patent applications were filled

NitroCapt was listed as one of the 10 most promising cleantech companies in the Nordics and awarded as one of the top-3 ”Impact makers of the year” within Food tech by VINNOVA and Livsmedel i Fokus.

Björn Lindh, serial-entrepreneur and previous co-founder of Graphmatech, bacame the first investor and joined the team as Head of strategy


The company closed a pre-seed round of €1,8 m to and €1 m in grants

Breakthrough in the energy efficiency of the process, which really makes the technology competitive on prize to fossil-dependent technologies

The project to build a pilot plant supporting 1800 ha of farmland with nitrogen fertilizers begins

The war in Ukraine creates a fertilizer crisis in Europe and NitroCapt therefor are suddenly in the center of attention since by some are considered to have "the perfect solution" to secure nitrogen fertilizer production with local fossil-free affordable production

Norrsken Impact accelerator which targets "Impact Unicorns" (startups that will have an impact on billions of people) selected NitroCapt as one of 20 companies among 2200 applicant companies from all over the world. The company was selected to join Norrsken Impact Accelerator with high-level mentorship

The company is getting acknowledged as one of the 33 hottest innovation companies in Sweden by NyTeknik and were one of two winners in Startup4Climate. The profit sum of 1 million SEK is invested in making the company an even more attractive workplace in connection with our ongoing doubling of our team.

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