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NitroCapt has been acknowledged  as one of the most promising young technology companies by the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik. Since 2008, the magazine has annually presented a list where they gather Sweden’s leading young technology companies, the so-called 33-list. In 2022, it was our turn to take our place on the list, an achievement that we at NitroCapt are very proud of.

Companies added to the 33-list are those that possess the potential to change the industry within their branch and solve major future challenges.

To be considered for a place on the list the company first needs to meet certain criteria, such as:

  • The company is based on a proprietary technological innovation.
  • The company is Swedish.
  • The company is at the most seven years old.
  • The company is not listed on any trading platform.
  • A company may only be on the list a maximum of three times.

Furthermore, each company is assessed based upon how its innovation or its processes relate to the UN’s development goals for sustainability.

In an interview conducted by Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC), journalist Andreas Thoresson – at Ny Teknik – mentions that looking back at 33-lists from previous years, it is noticeable that it is on the start-up scene where the most exciting innovation work takes place. Many of the previously listed companies have grown large or have been bought up by others. 

Read the full 33-list here (in Swedish): https://www.nyteknik.se/startup/33-listan/ny-teknik-insight-33-listan-2022-sveriges-basta-startups-7039955

Link to Interview with Andreas Thoresson (in Swedish): https://uic.se/7-uic-bolag-pa-ny-tekniks-33-lista/

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