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NitroCapt – One of top 50 innovative companies 2023

Norrsken featured NitroCapt as number 28 in their top 50 list of most innovative companies of the year 2023. The list was created as a response to the recent report compiled by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

For the last 17 years Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has assembled a list of the world’s leading innovative companies featuring many of the worlds largest corporations. This year Norrsken, a Swedish non-profit foundation, created their own list as a response to the one by Boston Consulting Group. The list compiled by Norrsken features companies that are leading innovation without creating a negative impact on our planet. 

According to Boston Consulting Group there is a formula for Innovation that separates Leading Companies from the rest – leaders are consistently delivering new products, entering new markets, and establishing new revenue. Norrsken’s purpose is to support companies and organizations that are judged to have a positive impact on society by working with societal challenges or climate change.

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