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NitroCapt and Lantmännen in collaboration on locally produced, fossil-free nitrogen fertilizer

NitroCapt has partnered with the Swedish farmer cooperation Lantmännen to evaluate the groundbreaking SUNIFIX® process for nitrogen fertilizer production. The process, which is being developed by NitroCapt, is a completely new and patented climate-neutral chemical process for fixing nitrogen from the air.

Today’s production of nitrogen fertilizers is the largest chemical process created by man. It causes greenhouse gas emissions in parity with the global aviation industry, but the SUNIFIX process® has the potential to switch manufacturing to zero emissions.

Production will take place locally and no imported raw materials are needed. It can be powered directly by electricity from wind or solar power, without the need for any electrical network. This means that it can create a local self-sufficiency in nitrogen fertilizers and thus ensure the availability of nitrogen to agriculture regardless of international conflicts and rising energy prices. This also at a competitive production cost both in the short and long term. The collaboration means that the companies together develop a business case regarding the implementation of the SUNIFIX® process in Sweden with the aim of evaluating how it can promote Swedish agriculture. In connection with this, the fertilizer from a pilot plant will be tested by Swedish farmers.

Read more about the collaboration in ATL (in Swedish)

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