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Great interest for NitroCapt at Innoenergy conference

Innoenergy The Business Booster conference was held on 28-29 September 2022 in Lisbon. This year’s focus was the race to Net Zero – which means that there must be drastic reductions in emissions by 2050 to ensure the future of mankind.

Our NitroCapt team Gustaf Forsberg, Björn Lindh and Brandon Vargas had the privilege of receiving some very famous visitors at the conference stand, amongst them was; Maud Olofsson, former Swedish Minister of Energy and Innovation and former leader of the Center Party, and Ibrahim Baylan, former Minister of Energy. At the conference, the NitroCapt team witnessed a great interest in our technology amongst the conference participants. That is, how our technology can contribute to securing the global food supply and significantly reduce the carbon footprint in agriculture.

The conference “The Business Booster” is held annually by InnoEnergy. It runs for two days and is an international networking event where over a hundred sustainable energy technologies are shown. Influencers and major companies behind the energy transition were present, such as the first female President of Ireland, the UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, a Nobel winner, founder of Schneider Electric France and hundreds of creators of cutting-edge energy transition technologies.


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