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Accelerating the shift to sustainability

NitroCapt’s mission is to speed up the transition into sustainable fertilizers, and to make them affordable.


The production of nitrogen fertilizers is currently responsible for 2,5 % of the global fossil-related greenhouse gas emissions and the industry has great challenges in shifting to renewable energy on a broad scale. Still, the availability of nitrogen for agriculture is crucial to maintain productivity and feed a continuously growing world population. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new solutions that are both sustainable and highly productive.


In the climate transition, governments are supporting the fossil-free technologies in various ways. In the EU, emission rights for greenhouse gases are becoming more and more restricted which successively increases the competitiveness of climate-neutral processes. Consumers and the food industry are also increasing the pressure to reduce the climate impact of agriculture. Altogether, fossil-free nitrogen will become increasingly beneficial, and, sooner than later, a necessity for agriculture.


The chemical industry today places its hope in shifting energy source from fossil-based feedstocks to renewable hydrogen, so-called “green Haber Bosch”. This will significantly increase production cost. Therefore, the trade association Fertilizers Europe estimates that only 10% of European production of nitrogen fertilizer will be fossil-free by 2030. NitroCapt intends to significantly accelerate this transition.